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Home and Personal Support Options


  • Studies demonstrate that when individuals are isolated and have limited social interaction, there is a higher amount of risk of health difficulties. Healthy, social interaction is mentally, emotionally and physically therapeutic and enhances the promotion of healthy living and wellness.
  • At Golden Home Care we carefully screen and select employees who demonstrate genuine care and commitment to seniors wellness, sense of self worth and values. We strive to match our clients with Care Associates who are compatible with our client and share similar interests, who in turn will provide positive support.

Meal Planning, Grocery Shopping & Preparation

  • Depending on the interest and abilities of our client, interactive participation is always encouraged and will motivate individuals to want to enjoy a healthy and balanced lifestyle and enjoy the food they eat.


  • Our clients may also require assistance changing bedding and laundering clothing and other items. Assistance with these home-care needs will maintain a clean, organized, safe and inviting environment for our clients and their visitors.

Shopping & Appointments

  • Our Care Associates can provide transportation and/or companionship while accompanying our clients on various outings. They can assist with shopping, medical appointments, errands, social functions, etc...

Managing Home Administration

  • Managing day to day mail, bill payments, and general financial budgeting can be very overwhelming for some seniors. Our Care Associates can assist with the organization and payment of bills and basic weekly budgeting necessities.

Pet Care

  • Many seniors depend on their pets for companionship. As we age, it can be difficult to maintain all aspects of a pet’s care. Our Care Associates are able to assist our clients in maintaining the pet’s wellness and care requirements. i.e.: veterinarian appointments provide food, cleaning of cages, litters, walking etc...

Morning Assistance
“Start the Day”

  • Many seniors find it challenging to start the day. Our Care Associates can be a warm, friendly person to greet our clients in the early morning and assist them with the necessities to begin their day in a positive way. The Care Associate can help in making the bed, bathing, dressing, providing medication reminders, grooming, assist with meal preparation for the day etc…

Toileting Assistance, Bathing, Grooming, Dressing

  • Taking a bath or shower can create a lot of anxiety for many seniors. There is a high risk of incidents of elderly people falling. Our Care Associates are trained to assist individuals in bathing, whether it be a shower or a bath. They follow safety standards and strategies while utilizing professionalism to preserve our clients’ dignity.
  • We believe that when efforts are made to maintain proper grooming, individuals feel good about themselves and are more confident to move forward throughout their day in a positive manner. Our Care Associates assist our clients with grooming in regards to drying and brushing their hair, proper oral care, application of required skin treatments etc…
  • Many seniors begin to have difficulties with balance, bending, stretching and reaching, which are all skills required for getting dressed. Our Care Associates can assist our clients with safe dressing and undressing while preventing falls and injuries.
  • Balance and stability are requirements for safe toileting. Our Care Associates are trained to assist our clients with this task as well as ensuring that proper hygiene is being performed and maintained.

Nutrition Planning

  • Our Care Associates are trained in the importance of healthy nutrition, balanced meal planning and food preparation. As we age, it becomes increasingly important to eat our daily recommended nutrients, which is something seniors often find difficult to manage. Our Care Associates can cooperatively plan meals with our clients, keeping in mind dietary restrictions, allergies, food preferences etc…

Mobility Assistance

  • Many seniors require assistance to safely move around. Some individuals may have difficulty getting in and out of bed, moving from place to place and in and out of chairs. Our Care Associates are trained to assist clients with the safe use of canes, walkers and wheelchairs.


  • Being physically active is very therapeutic and contributes to the ability to be mobile. Our Care Associates are trained to encourage seniors to do basic movement exercises, which increases healthy blood circulation.

Medication Reminders

  • Seniors often take several medications which require organization skills. This can be very confusing for some individuals. Our Care Associates can assist our clients with memory and reminder techniques. This is very pertinent in maintaining an individual’s stability of health and prevention of possible medical conditions.

Evening Assistance “End of Day”

  • Our Care Associates can assist our clients in preparing for bedtime. They can verify the activities of the day, ensure that they took their medication and assist with undressing, hygiene and applying safety measures before the client goes to sleep. (i.e.: ensure clear path to the bathroom, telephone access, etc…)