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Golden Specialty Services

Phone Calls and Visits

  • Many seniors live an autonomous life and function well independently. Nevertheless, some individuals do need medication reminders and general verification of how their day went. Phone calls and visit initiatives are credited to saving lives of senior citizens. It also gives them and their families’ peace of mind that their loved one is being checked on regularly.
  • At Golden Home Care we can provide daily phone calls and/or weekly visits to ensure the health and safety of a family member, as well as providing companionship.


  • Going home from the hospital can be a stressful time following surgery, an illness, cancer recovery, degenerative disease or disorder, etc… Golden Home Care can provide transitional assistance services for all family members whether it be a senior, child, adult or intellectually challenged individuals.

  • Golden transitions can help assess and prepare your home environment and provide extra in-home support.Golden Home Care can ensure that your return home is safe, therefore facilitating your recovery.

Home Maintenance and Repair

  • Golden Home Care can coordinate services to assist you with home adaptations, maintenance, and/or repairs that may be required from lawn care to minor house repairs.


  • Many seniors are mobile and enjoy going out regularly but may not drive. We provide transportation and companionship while going to social and recreational activities, medical and other appointments, etc…


  • Perhaps you or a loved one are returning home from a hospital stay and are not yet confident to be alone. You may feel over-night supervision will ensure your/their safety. Golden Home Care provides respite for family care-givers who may require some time for themselves, need to participate in  activities or errands and/or need a few days away.

Financial & Community Resources

  • Family members often become overwhelmed while navigating through the complex maze of services that they are in need of or that may be available to them. Golden Home Care can help you explore the community resources and tax benefits offered by our health care system.

Memory Workshops

  • Our trained workshop leaders coordinate a 10 session program geared to promoting intellectual vitality for seniors. The workshops can be implemented in an assisted living facility and/or in the homes or apartment recreation rooms of participants.

Emergency Response

  • Golden Home Care can be reached 24 hours a day in the case of an emergency. We can also assist you in implementing safety and security systems in your home.

Esthetic Care

  • Taking care of our personal appearance contributes to the way we feel about ourselves. Proper foot care is essential to your health and if neglected can become problematic. Golden Home Care can coordinate specialists to provide you with haircuts, manicures, etc…

Physio and Occupational Therapy

  • Physio and occupational therapy may be necessary for individuals following an accident, injury or surgery. It can also assist with the maintenance of mobility and physical independence. Golden Home Care can coordinate specialists to help you with these needs.


  • "If we practise what we learned, it should enhance our lives as we continue to age."
    – Sylvia
  • "The Group animator (Jackie Percs) affirmed the uniqueness, wisdom and value of every person in the group. I appreciated the lovely fellow participants." – Elaine
  • "I found 'Jog Your Mind' memory workshops very helpful and stimulating. I have learned a lot and will try to refer to my information sheets to keep intellectually and cognitively alert from day to day. An excellent course that helped to stimulate my brain." – Julie
  • "Je suis bien heureuse d'avoir participé a ce "workshop" qui s'est averé valid et agréable, grâce a l'approche de Jackie Percs, que j'ai trouvé excellente." – Maya