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About Us - Jacqueline Percs (Biography)

    “Jackie” has over 30 years of experience working in the fields of Social Services and Education in both the Public and Private Sectors. She has worked with people of ages ranging from 15-99.

    The work that she has done has predominantly been with individuals experiencing challenges and difficulties in their lives, in the following areas:

  • Social, Emotional and/or Behavioural Problems
  • “At Risk” Youth
  • Integrating into Community and /or Society
  • Intellectual and/or Physical Limitations
  • Low Self-Esteem & Failure
  • Alzheimer’s & other Dementias
  • Loss of Autonomy
  • Palliative Care
    jackieJackie has always had an entrepreneurial spirit and over the last 5 years felt ready to take on the demanding challenge of starting her own business. As her children were growing up she wanted to be available for them and managing a regular job was demanding enough. As her 2 children grew into young adults, Jackie felt it was time to reflect upon her “Bucket List” and opened her company, "Golden Home Care", in 2012.

    Having always lived her life with a “positive perspective”, she has combined this with her passion for helping people. Her company’s name is true to its word and her many clients can attest to the great quality of care and service it provides. In just a few short years "Golden Home Care" has become a highly successful, respected Home Care Provider, and Jackie’s reputation has been established as a leader in this field.

    No matter what her clients’ challenges may be, or their age, her goal is to help people:
  • To have Purpose
  • To Maintain their Autonomy
  • To be Respected & Appreciated for the Person they are
  • To Live Life with Dignity